Website Builder

When I began researching ecommerce websites to use for Nerdy Book Box, there were a lot of options out there. We considered Shopify and Cratejoy. These companies included varied options, but many of them didn’t seem to offer a friendly, easy to use, website design builder. At the tail end of our research, the company that stood out the most was offered simple, affordable monthly pricing and fees, a 14-day trial and an extremely user-friendly website builder. This is what ultimately influenced my decision to sign up with Subbly, over the aforementioned companies.

I used to design websites as a kid, but in my older age, I simple didn’t have the time to sit there and code everything from scratch. Subbly’s website builder was very straight forward and simple to understand. I was able to put together the website in just a couple of days. They offer the ability to drag and drop varied elements and blocks, customize how your products are displayed, offer access to a huge library of royalty free images, and complete color and design customization. Being able to put together, maintain and edit my website in just a few days was extremely convenient (especially as a full-time work from home entrepreneur mom). They also offer the ability to add effects to any images on your website, add SEO tags and have a huge list of partnered companies to integrate with.

I have already recommended to several fellow small business owners. Their customer service is top notch, and every question has been answered in a timely manner. They have made the start of my monthly subscription box easy and convenient.

Thank you Subbly team!